PROTECT it with Cropgard
THE affordable & efficient method of preventing grain theft.

Cropgard consists of ¼” paper flakes with a code no. printed on it. Each order has an exclusive number. One order of Cropgard is sufficient to treat 50,000 bu. of grain. Each flake in the grain represents a piece of evidence and proof of ownership. Cropgard can be added to the grain by simply throwing handfuls into the hopper bin on the combine, into the grain auger hopper while the grain is being unloaded into the grainary or at the entry points (top or bottom) of a full bin. Each order also includes 5 warning decals alerting would-be thieves that the grain stored in the storage bin has been treated with Cropgard. What makes Cropgard most effective is the fact that thieves choose not to steal grain with Cropgard in it. If they should decide to take the risk they will be carrying thousands of pieces of evidence with them, wherever they choose to haul it.

Note: It is imperative that the grain owner register with Cropgard Security Inc. When ordering from us directly, we will automatically register you. Although our dealers are responsible for registering the buyer when they purchase Cropgard we suggest that you still call us and get registered on our system as well.

Cropgard consists of tiny squares of newsprint with code numbers which are mixed into grain. You may also know it by other names such as Crop Guard, Grainfetti, Grain Confetti, Cropfetti, Grainguard or Crop Confetti. These coded flakes serve as a theft deterrent and marking agent for positive identification, protecting the grain from theft. We also offer a product called Theft Proof for protecting firewood from theft in campgrounds

Because of escalating production costs and lucrative grain prices, marking grain to prevent theft has again become an urgent necessity. The RCMP recommend that all grain stored where it is not under regular observation for any period of time should be marked. In some cases insurance companies will only partially cover grain thefts if the grain has not been marked.